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Piston air compressor why the early cylinder will wear

Author:yisainuo Date:2017-09-13

Consists of three parts, the first is the piston air compressor manufacturing industry, the second is the use of piston air compressor repair, the third is the link often occurs in which defects.
First, the piston air compressor manufacturing:
    (1) cylinder (or cylinder liner) manufacturing quality is poor, or rough surface;
    (2) connecting rod and crankshaft is not vertical (connecting rod or crankshaft bending);
    (3) the piston center and the end face is not vertical;
    (4) the ring groove of the piston;
    (5) the piston ring is too large or the surface hardness is too high (including ternary phosphorus eutectic);
    (6) piston center and piston center is not vertical;
Second, the use of piston air compressor maintenance:
    (1) lack of oil pump pressure so that the cylinder can not get a good lubrication;
    (2) lubricants grade wrong; too thick or too thin;
    (3) the use of lubricants for a long time containing mechanical impurities are not replaced;
    (4) crankcase oil tank oil or oil equipment or equipment to make the dust in the air into the crankcase lubrication;
Third, the link often occur in those defects?
    (1) is bent or twisted in a plane parallel to the axis of the crankshaft and perpendicular to the axis of the crankshaft. The former bending or distortion will inevitably destroy the normal work of the bearing, to promote the bearing and journal wear or even rapid reporting, and because of the deformation of the connecting rod, the piston will be skewed in the cylinder, resulting in local contact Or bite the cylinder does not work properly.
    (2) connecting rod small end bush and large end bearing hole wear round, forming an elliptical taper, so that with the crankshaft journal or piston Xiao (or crosshead Shaw) with the close, between them too large gap, Severe impact of the heat generated by the conduction of friction, resulting in wear and tear of the wear and tear of the bushings and bearings.

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